Our Cause

Our Story
Nu Intentions empowers displaced women living in a refugee camp in Eastern Uganda through employment opportunities of jewelry creation, savings and budgeting training, entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, and discussions of women’s social issues. We aim to promote global unity through fashionable innovations and to inspire other businesses and entrepreneurs to become socially aware, both internationally and in their own communities. The young women in the group are all school dropouts, including widows and orphans due to AIDS, rebel armies, and witchcraft. The profits from their jewelry go towards their trainings, peace initiatives across conflicting borders, and overall development of the group. The more we empower this group of young women, the more they empower their own community.

Finding Our Vision
The company started in the summer of 2008 when two young women, Carrie Stewart and Ashleigh Livingston, found they shared the same vision of creating job positions in international economies for those who are struggling to support their families. These individuals include those living in the IDP camps in Northern Uganda, youth on the streets in Argentina, and battered women in Thailand. By employing and teaching them about personal finances and investing, they can now be leaders in their own communities.


One response to “Our Cause

  1. I just bought the most adorable Peacock necklace at the World Fair in Carlsbad on Saturday afternoon made by Sarah. I adore it and LOVE your cause. Keep making a difference 🙂
    You guys rock!

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