Email Update from Uganda for the “American People”

Maybe it’s because I’ve been away from Uganda too long, or maybe it’s the strong Uganda accent combined with the long-distance voice delay that makes it difficult for me to understand Jesca (manager of Nu Intentions in Uganda) over the phone. So, we’ve resorted to opening her a Yahoo account so we can swap more detailed conversations via email. And since the nearest computer and internet connection from the camp is hours away by truck on a dirt road, it takes an entire day’s journey for her to send a simple email! Quite the contrast of the Blackberry/iPhone luxury that most American’s take for granted.

I wanted to share Jesca’s most recent email with you that provides an update on each of the girls involved in the project. For anyone who owns a pair of Nu Intentions’ earrings or a necklace, Jesca wanted you to see how your simple purchase has positively impacted the girl who made your jewelry. Here’s a snapshot of her words at the beginning of the document she sent me:

Here’s a more polished version of the rest of the update from Jesca:

Miriam – The youngest of them all, Miriam is the furthest in her studies. Now at level Senior 2, she has been able to pay for her school fees and scholastic materials with her earnings from Nu Intentions. My comment: I am not sure if she continued with her popcorn business or not (see last blog post!), but I think it’s such an awesome, yet simple, business idea that is very profitable for her.

Janet – Always the first one to complete her earrings (she even finished before me when I was training her!), Janet can now afford the basic needs to support her two girls and grandmother who has chronic liver problems. She recently finished building a new hut where the four of them live together, and keeps busy with the necessary household chores.

Betty – Being an orphan and eldest of five children, Betty is now the bread winner of her family and is able to afford their basic needs through the support of Nu Intentions. With her earnings from the project, she has started a small business selling staple food products like cabbage, “million fish,” onions, and tomatoes. With the profits from her business, she is able to put money away into savings.

Irene – “My life has never been the same since I joined Nu Intentions.” (And that’s all she wanted to share!)

Mary – Mary recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (which I hope to have pictures for you soon!), and is able to afford the necessities for raising a healthy child. Sadly, Mary’s house burned down and she is now using all of her earnings to buy new household properties. If you wish to give a donation to the rebuilding of Mary’s home, please click here and be sure to indicate “Mary’s Hut” in the ordering instructions section.

Sarah – Now the single mother of FOUR children (including my namesake, baby Carrie!), Mary is able to provide healthy meals for her family and medicine for their frequent sicknesses.

Jesca – With the earnings from the project, Jesca tried to start her own small business of selling smoked fish but eventually failed. She hopes to be able to start again with a new business idea. She also talked about saving enough to go back to school someday, since she was just short of graduating from high school when she became pregnant with her baby boy.

Judith – With the standard pregnancy sickliness FINALLY over, Judith is now able to focus her energy on raising a healthy child and can afford basic needs. Her new husband unfortunately lives in the town of Soroti, which is a couple hour truck ride away. Judith is torn because she doesn’t want to leave the project or her mother and grandmother who still need her help at home in the camp. (I hope to provide everyone with an update soon on what she decides to do.)



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  1. Kiki Bayisa

    God bless each and everyone of you. Every single time I wear your earrings, I get multiple compliments on them. They were such a gift from my sweet friend, Ashleigh.
    I pray for you often.
    Love and prayers,

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