Yes She Can: A Nu American Tale

The world cried out in joy as they heard words, “Obama is the President for 2008.” A time for change, hope, and promises for a better tomorrow. Yet, we are still waiting for the world to change, as John Mayer puts it, and she was the first to change it.

Who is “she” you may ask? Nine year old, Julia de la Fuente, of Encinitas, California. Although she is nine years old, her heart and vision are an immeasurable fire to ignite this world to change.

After her school report in class on Ugandan Peace Activist, Betty Bigombe, her classmates were inspired. She shared with her class a YouTube clip of Bigombe and the child soldiers in Northern Uganda. Immediately, her classmates raised their hands and to ask how could they be the change.

This weekend Julia and her classmates rummaged together their old toys to raise $800 in garage sale revenue to donate all proceeds to Bigombe’s work with Resolve Uganda. At nine years old, one girl impacted the future hearts and minds of other nine year olds in America and Uganda in one day. What can you do?

Regardless of your political stance or how you voted this election. Before you put your faith and hope in the political leaders of today, start paying attention to the future leaders of tomorrow. Be ready to be inspired. They are already changing the world, one toy drive, one garage sale, or one jewelry line at a time.

Read more about it in the North County news.


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