Call and Response with Nu Intentions

I went to support Justin Dillon’s “Rockumentary”
affectionately named “Call and Response” by Cornel West this weekend.

In a series of interviews and statistics about the bad and the ugly of
human trafficking, Justin resolved for us as individuals to find what
we are good at, do it, and respond through creative passions to form a
modern abolitionist movement. He led the way by producing the music
and the rockumentary; or as Ghandi best put it, “Be the change you
want to see.”

Immediately, I was excited for our journey called Nu
Intentions. Carrie and I are RESPONDING to the widows and children of
Northern Uganda, the people impacted by the children soldiers and the
LRA. We heard the call, weren’t sure how to respond, but knew we could
make these fantastic earrings. Lo and behold, months later we were
purchasing plane tickets to Northern Uganda, creating a fair trade
busines through a series of events called life, and producing
innovative high-fashion jewelry as beautiful as the people who wear

Ashley Judd closed the film with a line that said, “I
don’t want to wear someone else’s despair.” We believe women’s fashion
should be created one way-guilt free. At Nu Intentions, we did not
design jewelry for high profits, sweatshop labor, slavery or despair.
We created jewelry for a higher purpose: to serve the overlooked and
forgotten women of Northern Uganda, provide them an opportunity to
support their families, and show God’s love and mercy to a world that
needs a lot of it.

Check out the Call + Response trailer here.


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